PRITY 95 Ltd. is a private company, established by Dipl. Eng. E. Ivanov and Dipl. Eng. A. Geranliev in 1995, in the town of G. Oryahovitsa, R.Bulgaria.

The company is specialized in the production of home fireplaces, cooking stoves, boilers, fireboxes for building-in, whitch are using solid fuel. It also produces accessories for them and everything is offered under the Prity trademark. The personnel, which are engaged with the main production activities, are above 350 people at the moment.

Adress: Bulgaria, 5140 Liaskovets, 33 M. Raykovich Str

PRITY - гр.Лясковец
PRITY - гр.Г.Оряховица
PRITY - гр.Лясковец цех "Винпром"